Tip #3 & Information About My Podcast!

Hello! I hope everyone has benefited from my previous posts detailing tips number one and two on how to stay sane at college! In this post, I’m going to briefly discuss tip number three on how to stay sane at college. For a more detailed description on tip number three, I encourage you to listen to my podcast below!

This podcast begins with an introduction that mentions my website “Staying Sane At College” and the purpose of my website. It also informs the listener that they should expect an interview format for this podcast. I decideded to do an interview format because I thought interviewing a fellow Rutgers student would help emphasize tip number three on how to stay sane.  

After the introduction, I dive into tip number three. Tip number three for staying sane at college is to find an outlet which can take your mind off of school work for a little. It is really important for students to de-stress by participating in another activity that they enjoy. This activity will help students clear their mind and have fun. As a result, their overall happiness will increase, and they will be able to stay sane at college.

I mentioned in the podcast that a great outlet which will take a student’s mind off of their schoolwork for a little is volunteer work. Volunteer work is something many students enjoy, and it is an activity that helps students clear their mind and stay level headed.

To further discuss how great volunteer work can be for staying sane a college, I interviewed a classmate named Alex Freeman. Alex is apart of a volunteer organization called Project Sunshine. Project Sunshine is a club that does crafts with children at local hospitals. Alex feels that Project Sunshine is a great way to give back to the community. She also believes the club is a great escape from her schoolwork. The club focuses on making children happy, so her mind is never on homework when she’s at the hospital. It’s easy to get caught up in schoolwork, so Alex is thankful that Project Sunshine gives her the opportunity to take a step back and de-stress. For more information about Project Sunshine visits their Facebook page Project Sunshine: Rutgers Chapter or visit their Instagram page found at the username ru_projectsunshine.

After the interview, the podcast features a quick PSA. The PSA states how another great club to volunteer for is the Red Cross. The purpose of this organization is to provide disaster relief and emergency services. Their mission statement is “Sleeves Up. Hearts Open. All In”, so their target audience is anyone who is willing to help others. More information about The Red Cross can be found at the URL redcross.org.  A picture of the Red Cross can be found below! I know this picture is legally reusable because I found it through the Creative Commons search.

Vigneault, E. (Photographer). (2006, February 20). NOLA Red Cross [digital image]. Retrieved from Flickr

Overall, a great way to stay sane at college is to find an outlet which can take your mind of a school work for a little. Project Sunshine and The Red Cross are two great organizations in which to get involved; however, if these organizations aren’t for you, check out involvement.rutgers.edu to look at more volunteers organizations!

The podcast concludes by listing some other websites that may offer some helpful tips on how to stay sane at college. The websites “Her Campus at Boston College” and “Rutgers- New Brunswick Blog” may offer some great advice! These websites are linked on the homepage of my website, so definitely take a look at them.

In addition, if you want to listen to more podcasts that promote volunteer organizations like the Red Cross, check out Eunice Lee’s website titled “Isle of Movies” at the URL cinemalee.wordpress.com, Pavel Aparcana’s website titled “Paction Productions” at the URL pactionproductions.wordpress.com/, Harry Caminero website titled “2017 Gaming Holiday Haul” at the URL holidayhaulblog.wordpress.com, and Jeevan Hubbard’s website titled “Everything Car Tech”, at the URL thatcartech.wordpress.com. All of these websites have a PSA about the Red Cross, so definitely give them a listen.

Overall, I hope this podcast really helps you, and good luck with staying sane at college.


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